Skipper O’hare is off to work in the North Sea, inspired by all the people whose lives are spent out at sea. He’s got all the gear, the yellow wellies, bright oilskin trousers and wool watch cap with holes for his ears. Like lots of fishermen, he has tattoos with meanings, some for luck and some for superstitions. This design celebrates the strong historical links to our coastline through fishing tradition and all the fascinating and amazing marine life we have.
It looks like he’s caught some herring, can you find what he caught?

With a background in textile design, Ali works from her studio on the Northumberland coastline. She is an environmental artist, whose work is continually inspired by life in the chaotic underwater world. With an emphasis on illustration, she enjoys exploring the aesthetics of many marine species, translating the natural movements and patterns to build bold designs. Ali has her illustrations published in many books and regularly works with organisations around the world to highlight issues of pollution and overfishing. Obsessed with the ocean and the colour blue, her passion for conservation makes each design begin an interesting conversation.

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The Big Hop Trail sees hare sculptures designed and created by some of the country’s most talented artists. After the event, the large hare sculptures will be sold at a charitable auction, with the net proceeds raised for Clan Cancer Support.

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