For centuries, hares have featured in Scottish and Celtic folklore as a creature with supernatural powers and links to the Otherworld. Often depicted as the ‘shapeshifter’, legends tell of the hare transforming into the human form; the Celtic story of Oisin and the hare being the most famous.

Inspired by these legends the Shapeshifter hare is covered in shards of mirror, which is often considered a portal to the Otherworld. When viewed the sculpture reflects back not a hare, but the form of the human viewing it, effectively shape-shifting right before your eyes.

Playground is a young multidisciplinary design studio based in Manchester. Key to their work is a strong narrative, bold use of colour, and most importantly a sense of playfulness. Their work ranges from architecture and interiors to installations and public art, community workshops and everything in-between. With each new project they like to engage with a different design discipline, sharing knowledge and skills and collaborating along the way. Each project they undertake is uniquely tailored to the client, site and its history – aiming to create an engaging and memorable experience for all those that interact with it.

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The Big Hop Trail sees hare sculptures designed and created by some of the country’s most talented artists. After the event, the large hare sculptures will be sold at a charitable auction, with the net proceeds raised for Clan Cancer Support.

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