ImaginHare captures the essence of the boundless potential of our imagination. With its vibrant colours, whimsical shapes and bold lines, this sculpture invites us to explore the infinite worlds that exist within our minds. It celebrates the magic of creativity and encourages us to embrace our inner childlike wonder, reminding us that anything is possible when we dare to dream.

MrASingh is a multi award-winning artist who channels his passion for nature and world cultures into his vivid and textured mixed media artworks. Through mesmerising pattern work and colour, he captures the beauty and diversity of our world, inviting viewers to join him on a journey of exploration and discovery. His signature Wild Lotus art has captured the hearts of art lovers worldwide and his work has been featured in more than 40 exhibitions across the UK, US, and Europe. Through his captivating art, MrASingh invites viewers to tap into their own creativity and ignite their sense of wonder.

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The Big Hop Trail sees hare sculptures designed and created by some of the country’s most talented artists. After the event, the large hare sculptures will be sold at a charitable auction, with the net proceeds raised for Clan Cancer Support.

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