We present to you, Hope of Buchanhaven. Designed by our very own Buchanhaven RAIR bairns, incorporating our heritage, the theme of perseverance and ambition. Our pupils learn and develop these important skills over the course of their learning journey, preparing them for what life has in store.

We chose seven symbols, one for each year of Primary School, which represent resilience and the values of our school. The Lion protects and is courageous. The Eagle represents beauty and is powerful. The Pheonix rises from the ashes. The Monarch Butterfly adapts to new environments. The Oak Tree is strong and stands tall. The Plum Blossom blooms gracefully – even in storms! The Helix stands the test of time, with strength and stability. Green, the colour of nature also represents youth and freshness, and is the colour of our school uniform.

Respectful – Ambitious – Inclusive – Responsible: This is our RAIR hare.

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