Tarves Primary’s sculpture is a collaborative effort from all the children in our school. Evey child at Tarves has added to the overall design using the colours of our school houses to represent Tarves Primary. These four houses are Craigdam, Haddo, Tolquhon and Ythsie and allow the children to focus on team achievements and a shared identity within the school community. The older children worked on the inspiration for our sculpture and chose to focus on incorporating our house colours to give the other children a focus. Using our four house colours of blue, green, red and yellow, individual items were added by the children to create a sculpture unique to our school. The name Hamilton has been used as the Prop of Ythsie (which is found on our school badge) was built as a monument to the 4th Earl of Aberdeen in 1862. As well as the name Hamilton being used, we felt that we needed to reference the houses in the name of our moongazer, as they are an important part of our school’s culture.

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