This work is inspired by the notion in Scottish folklore of the hare as a shapeshifter. Both the faerie folk and witches have been known to take on the form of a hare, as well as other animals such as stags and ravens. Depicted sitting against a tree with a hidden doorway, the faerie blows magical dust on these creatures to aid them in their transformation. She is surrounded by plants that are known for their magical properties such as hawthorn and rowan, with mushrooms and toadstools sitting at the bottom of the tree.

Lucy Brydon is a full-time artist who splits her work between creating and teaching online courses to thousands of students worldwide, hosting yearly art retreats in local castles and exhibiting and selling her work both locally and internationally. She previously worked for nearly 15 years as a primary school art specialist, before going self-employed in 2019. Her work reflects her love of the flora and fauna of her surroundings, interspersed with a touch of whimsy and folk-art aesthetics. She is inspired by the folklore of Scotland, as well as children’s book illustrations and the Arts and Crafts movement.

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The Big Hop Trail sees hare sculptures designed and created by some of the country’s most talented artists. After the event, the large hare sculptures will be sold at a charitable auction, with the net proceeds raised for Clan Cancer Support.

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